Lab Culture

The culture of TripLab embodies the following 3 basic principles:

  • Embrace diversity - The lab seeks to be a diverse place, reflecting a mix of genders, nationalities, backgrounds, skill sets, etc. Lab members are first and foremost expected to treat colleagues, collaborators, and our research subjects (human and otherwise) with respect.
  • Work should be fun and enjoyable - The lab seeks to be an inclusive environment where each member can look forward to coming to each day. Every lab member is encouraged to express their own uniqueness and creativity and will be given the freedom to work on the projects that are most meaningful to them. Also‚Ķ be prepared for the occasional argument about which is worse, R or Python.
  • Scientific rigour before impact - The work we do should be rigorous - this is much more important than the journals we publish in. All lab members are expected to learn and use good statistical practice and to not cut corners for the sake of getting a significant p-value or to please a collaborator. If you have questions about whether a specific analysis is appropriate, you should discuss it with Shreejoy.